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Doob is a Berlin based DJ whose sound is defined by his versatility and narrative-based approach.

His passion for house and techno music has evolved over the past decade, beginning in the underground music scene of Berlin, the heart of electronic music. His extended sets often meander between deep, pitched-down hypnotic afterhour vibes to uplifting, heartwarming soundscapes that explore the edges of driving rhythms, cosmic atmospheres and pulsating beats.

Adept at creating vivid atmospheres with a wide range of genres and styles, he always takes the crowd, setting and energy into consideration, carefully building an individual flow for each set to create a unique experience. Diversity and creativity are important to him, having been heavily influenced by genre-breaking artists such as Acid Pauli, Nicolas Jaar and as well as Sutsche, Mira, and Chris Schwarzwälder.

An avid aficionado of all things eclectic, doob enjoys storytelling through music, and has captivated listeners with his journeys in many clubs and festivals around Germany.