Gottlieb Scheppert has both the skill born out of many years of music production experience as well as the fascination for music that is audible in the smallest details. Perhaps this is why he feels so at home in the world of Slow Deep Tech; and why his style is so recognizable. Listening to his productions, you can hear a certain sense of wonderment in the details, and a fearlessness to manipulate frequencies freely according to his creative instincts.

He feels comfortable taking his time to build urgency, and pours his creative energy into his home-made drum- & percussion samples, analog synthesizers and circuit bend sounds. Inspired by his environment and armed with his field recorder, Gottlieb isn’t afraid to pick up a child’s playtoy to generate and sample the sounds he’s looking to create.


His music is playful and slow at times, but never boring; it’s spinkled with suspense and a consistent, subtle drive. His unique soundscapes convey the passion they were created out of, and carry their many layers and textures organically.