Janoma’s signature sound reflects his many influences and interests. A Black Forest native, Berlin resident and urban ecosystem scientist by trade, he is a versatile music selector at heart.

His passion for music was born at his first open air raves in nature, where he found himself connecting to the energy and calm vibes that shaped his specific style of playing music. Over the years, his sound has developed into his own brand of storytelling: it is organic and deep, criss-crossing different genres and styles with skill and an innate sense for the energy on the dance floor. Never afraid to include shamanic and traditional tribal elements into his sets, he has been known to take listeners on journeys through colourful atmospheres and throbbing beats, showing a deep instinct for timing and suspense as he paints a vivid picture for the inner eye to see.

He has enchanted audiences with his infamous sets in the Berlin area in many places, including Katerblau, Sisyphos and Fusion Festival, as well as all over the world - having brought his music to Hawaii, Hong Kong, Holland, Denmark and Switzerland.