There are many artists that excel in their genre of music, and there are some that create their own genre. Lukas Endhardt belongs to the latter; both as a DJ and as a producer, his style is special in that doesn’t fit into any category.

His sound is laid back but always driving - building subtle layers of rolling grooves, stimulating progressions and atmospheric soundscapes that are grounded in dark and dub-infused beats. His productions are deep and slow in vibe, intertwining electronic elements with multi-cultural samples and creative rhythms that move the body in a hypnotizing flow. There is something unique in the way he creates music that is both contemplative and energetic at the same time, revealing a sensitivity for subtlety and drive that is present in all his work. His many influences include Thievery Corporation, Kruder & Dorfmeister, J Dilla, Stimming, Nutia and his father, who is a percussionist for latin jazz music. And if you listen closely, it’s easy to see where his musical roots take hold; his productions are warm, organic and surreal in essence.

His tracks have been released on labels such as Casa Caos, Serafin Audio Imprint and Metanoia. His latest EP on LikeBirdz includes remixes by Echoel and Iorie, and was released on digital and vinyl this year.