Doob and his sublime podcast for Herztoene

October 5, 2017

Herztoene translates into "sounds of the heart".


That's exactly what Doob's new podcast is for us and most probably also for you.


His contribution to the ever more popular podcast series manages to distill those unique qualities about his taste in music that are sometimes hard to describe. We’ll give it a try anyway.


Some sets are meant for a specific crowd, a specific genre or style of music. But what makes this set stand out isn’t any of those things - it’s the subtle yet deep quality in melody, the gentleness in drive and the emotive quality that slowly draws you in and doesn’t let you go. Doob’s curation is somewhere between a story and an immersive, ethereal experience that allows the listener to wander through a landscape of their own making. We have indulged ourselves in this exquisite set and invite you to do the same.



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